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our covid-19 protocols

Smith Coaches would like to share with our customers the precautions we are taking to eliminate the spread of COVID-19 on our motorcoaches.

In addition to our meticulous cleaning we already practice, we have implemented the following:

* We are mandating that our drivers wear a mask, it is recommended that our passengers do, but not required at this time.

*We are applying a virus killing agent using a “fogger-mist system” that penetrates all crevasses and hard to reach areas. This is applied inside the coach and the luggage compartments each time a coach is cleaned in between charters.

*We have an antimicrobial filtration system installed in each motorcoach that kills 99.95% of viruses.

*In addition, we have installed UV Lighting that reduces viruses and bacteria by 99.9%.

*Each motorcoach has a hand sanitizing station that the passengers may use at their convenience.

Our commitment to your safety, health, and peace of mind is very important to Smith Coaches. We are being proactive and will follow any protocol as it becomes available to us. Please insure that you as an individual follow the recommendations by the CDC and practice personal hygiene.

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travel in comfort

When you book a trip with us, you become part of our travel family. This has been our philosophy from the very beginning, and it has led to satisfied customers not just from the United States but from around world. With our new fleet, you will be traveling at the height of technology, comfort, and safety


join our family

We give you the very best experience possible. From our unmatched customer service to our extremely professional drivers, we make sure that everyone you speak to treats you and your group with the utmost respect. The equipment we provide is virtually flawless because of our commitment to safety and reliability, and the cleanliness of our coaches is impeccable. You can count on elegant comfort as you travel the country in our spacious coaches that are built to meet your every travel need and more.

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our commitment

We are a smaller, independently owned company that is steeped in family and community. We have not outgrown our roots, which means we can provide a level of service and reliability larger companies simply cannot match. Our philosophy is that bigger is not always better. In fact, bigger often means being viewed simply as a number. Not so with Smith Coaches. When you ride with us, you are one of us.

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